Paypal does not rule the world, never did, never will. There are alternatives to paypal. If there is a demand or interest we can implement as an alternative payment gateway.

Angela Bridgman, also known as Empress Kalisiin, pays the hosting and bandwidth bills for this domain. To mitigate the toll on her financial troll all forms of payment are welcome. Personal checks and money orders may be made out to "cash" or "Angela Bridgman". Cash and gold coins should be protected by powerful spells before mailing. All contributions are used to maintain and extend the Realm. Your contributions are acknowledged and appreciated.

You may reach Angela (aka Kalisiin) may be reached by cell at 919-903-6074. Please only use this number if you have a question about donations, do NOT call about server problems, continue to use the YOM/Petition system

Postal is:

Angela Bridgman
6457 Privette Rd.
Wendell, NC 27591 U.S.A.